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Mr&Mrs Fragrance - Ginger Ceramic Diffuser - Turtledove ( special offer )

Mr&Mrs Fragrance - Ginger Ceramic Diffuser - Turtledove ( special offer )

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SKU: FD621106

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Materials: Glossy glazed ceramic topped with a polished cap
Dimensions: 15(L) x 12.7(W) x 13.7(H)cm
Includes: 7 diffuser sticks
Fragrances: Reed Diffuser Refills Sold Separately
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Ginger Ceramic Diffuser - turtledove
GINGER is joyful, positive, reassuring and expressive. She is round, smooth and polished; portraying a sense of harmony and balance. She is a modern woman who celebrates the beauty of life.


For whom:

A wonderful product for anyone who loves chic modern Italian home décor and fragrances. 

A fabulous gift idea for any occasion or a great treat for yourself.



A stylish home accessory that is both decorative and functional. Use it as a vase, home fragrance diffuser or simply as an ornament in your home. 

Available in 11 trendy colours to match your style, personality or any interior space. 

Fragrances are sold separately to enable you to mix and match the shape, colour and fragrance to suit your mood and your space.

It’s refillable making it convenient and economical.


For best results:

For optimal diffusion, use the recommended diffuser stick length.

To control the intensity of the fragrance, flip reeds occasionally and/ or use fewer sticks.

Always place the diffuser on a stable surface away from heat and open flame.

Do not place diffuser directly on fine wooden furnishings and delicate fabrics. 

To fill the ceramic container, use the plastic funnel supplied.

Wipe spills with paper towel immediately to remove traces of the fragrance.

To change fragrance, clean the container with mild soapy water and allow it to completely dry.

Always use a new set of diffuser sticks for different fragrances.