White Tea & Verbena Air Perfume 110ml

$125 $250

Fragrance Description
A wonderful aroma of delicate, grassy herbs with a hint of citrus, mingled with a refreshing, floral fragrance. A warm, calming ambience that is simply unforgettable.
Transform your living spaces into a personal oasis with this subtle, fresh fragrance. The relaxing, soothing fragrance is ideal for meditation and contemplation.

Top Notes : white tea, verberna, citrus 
Middle Notes : nutmeg, ylang ylang, medicinal sage 
Base Notes : musk, amber, cedarwood

Product Highlights:

  • Room Sprays can instantly drive away undesirable odours and freshen up any space Décor.
  • A wonderful product for anyone who enjoys travelling, and a quick fix to unwanted smell. 
  • Element Living fragrances have been specially formulated using the highest quality essential oils, natural fragrances and botanical & fruit extracts to allow fragrances to sustain longer in the air.
  • Suitable for use in the home, office, automobile or when travelling for that instant refreshing experience.
For best results: 
  • For an intense fragrance, spray all over the room and close the door.
  • Before going to bed, spray all over the room to create a relaxing sleeping environment. 

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