Cotton & Rose Fragrance Refill 100ml


Fragrance Description:
An essence of youth and innocence; this clean, sweet floral scent is a delight, and lifts the mood of any room. A pure, heavenly fragrance of fresh flowers and a touch of vanilla.

Top Notes : sicilian citrus, bergamot, pepper
Middle Notes : iris, violet, rose, cotton flower
Base Notes : cedar wood, vanilla, musk

Product Details:
Fragrance refill for all Mr & Mrs Ceramic Diffusers & other diffuser containers. 
Volume : 100ml
Fragrance lasts : 30~45days

For best results:

  • For optimal diffusion, use the recommended diffuser stick length.
  • Carefully pour fragrance refill oil into a suitable container.
  • To control the intensity of the fragrance, flip reeds occasionally and/ or use fewer sticks.
  • Always place the diffuser on a stable surface away from heat and open flame.
  • Do not place diffuser directly on fine wooden furnishings and delicate fabrics.
  • Wipe spills with paper towel immediately to remove traces of the fragrance.
  • Always use a new set of diffuser sticks for different fragrances.

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