Maldivian Breeze Fragrance Refill 100ml

$75 $150

Fragrance Description:
A warm fresh scent of the Indian Ocean with its crystal blue seas, warm sun dancing across palm trees and sun kissed white sand beaches. Fragrant jasmine blends with the scent of the sea.

Top Notes : rose, jasmine, ocean
Middle Notes : tropical fruits, violet
Base Notes : musk, amber sandalwood

Product Details:
Fragrance refill for all Mr & Mrs Ceramic Diffusers & other diffuser containers. 
Volume : 100ml
Fragrance lasts : 30~45days

For best results:

  • For optimal diffusion, use the recommended diffuser stick length.
  • Carefully pour fragrance refill oil into a suitable container.
  • To control the intensity of the fragrance, flip reeds occasionally and/ or use fewer sticks.
  • Always place the diffuser on a stable surface away from heat and open flame.
  • Do not place diffuser directly on fine wooden furnishings and delicate fabrics.
  • Wipe spills with paper towel immediately to remove traces of the fragrance.
  • Always use a new set of diffuser sticks for different fragrances.

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