Bergamot & Freesia Air Perfume 110ml

$125 $250

Fragrance Description: 
Bear the feelings of joy and delight with the uplifting, sweet scent of bergamot complimented with the pleasant, light floral fragrance of fresh freesias.
Give your home that welcoming charm. Delight your guest with beautiful, pleasant fragrances that lifts the spirit and adds brightness to your day.

Top Notes : bergamot, citron, fressia 
Middle Notes : lily, fressia, jasmine  
Base Notes : cedarwood, vetiver, amber

Product Highlights:

  • Room Sprays can instantly drive away undesirable odours and freshen up any space Décor.
  • A wonderful product for anyone who enjoys travelling, and a quick fix to unwanted smell. 
  • Element Living fragrances have been specially formulated using the highest quality essential oils, natural fragrances and botanical & fruit extracts to allow fragrances to sustain longer in the air.
  • Suitable for use in the home, office, automobile or when travelling for that instant refreshing experience.
For best results: 
  • For an intense fragrance, spray all over the room and close the door.
  • Before going to bed, spray all over the room to create a relaxing sleeping environment. 

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