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Very Home Parfum - Lacquered Frame Gold - Ecume de Mer - 100ml

Very Home Parfum - Lacquered Frame Gold - Ecume de Mer - 100ml

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SKU: FD635107

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Volume: 100ml
Materials: Glass with white lacquered wood frame and gold trim
Dimensions: 13.3(L) x 8.6(W) x 18.5(H)cm
Includes: 7 diffuser sticks
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Fragrance Description - Ecume de Mer
With the delicate marine inspired undertones, this scent will transport your mind to the endless white sandy beaches and warm summer breeze of the seashore.
A fresh & fruity scent, this calm and refreshing fragrance has bracing notes of lemon & orange combined perfectly with floral bouquet of jasmine and lily of the valley.
For whom:
  • An ideal product for anyone who loves anything glamorous and sophisticated.
  • A perfect gift to any person who enjoys the luxury of opulent fragrances.
  • A fabulous present for any event or as a treat for yourself.
  • Quality French perfumes with refined Italian design.
  • A convenient yet stylish way to fill any room with exquisite fragrances.
  • Change or enhance the ambience of any space with luxurious unforgettable fragrances.
  • Classy contemporary design that is a great compliment to any room.
For best results:
  • Occasionally flip the diffuser sticks to refresh or intensify the luxurious fragrances.
  • For smaller rooms, use fewer diffuser sticks.
  • Always place the diffuser on a stable surface away from heat and open flame.
  • Do not place diffuser directly on fine wooden furnishings and delicate fabrics.
  • Wipe spills with paper towel immediately to remove traces of the fragrance.