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Very Home Parfum

Perfume is a timeless art. Its magical qualities can elicit deep-seated memories. It is an explosion of sensation that leads us on an imaginary journey. We are well aware of the communicative power of perfume,
which crosses the boundaries of pure function to become an expressive outlet for the soul. The essence of elegance and sophistication, VERY skilfully blends research and design, the heart and soul of Italian products, with the great sensory experience that could only be French. VERY CHIC HOME PARFURM: the new luxury in home fragrances.


Product Details:

  • A luxurious home perfume incorporating quality French perfumes and refined Italian design.
  • Beautiful clear glass framed in polished wood with detailed trimmings.
  • Fragrances are available in 100ml, 500ml and 2.5L exquisite bottles and 500ml refills. 
  • A timeless design that is sophisticated and glamorous.