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Mr & Mrs Fragrance

Designed by the prominent Italian designer Luca Trazzi, Mr & Mrs Fragrance are a collection of trendy, colourful, high quality glazed ceramic home décor each with its distinctive design, and brimming with personality, style and passion. A functional and beautiful home accessory, Mr & Mrs Fragrance work as our "perfumers", spreading rich, wonderful fragrances throughout our homes and accentuating our rooms with colourful decorative designs.

Product Details:

  • Each character is filled with distinct personality and style. Choose from Ginger & Fred, Wilma & Walter, the adorable Vito and Baby Ginger
  • Each character is available in 11 vibrant fashionable colours to suit any home, office, space, event or environment.
  • Mr & Mrs Fragrance fragrances are created using pure and natural essences from France and Italy. 
  • All characters are made using high quality glossy, glazed ceramic topped with a decorative cap.