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Compagnie de Provence

Provence is a land of contrasts. The elements meet in excessive conditions: the Mistral winds blow, redefining the relief, washing the skies of clouds and rendering the air transparent. This turbulence then subsides and the lazy sun invites the personal rhythm of each into a state of calmness. This is the perfect moment to take care of one's self; to allow Compagnie de Provence to take your well-being into consideration.

Since its creation in 1990, Compagnie de Provence offers a particular vision of this legendary region: a contemporary interpretation of the ancestral savoir-faire and authentic materials. A vision of a contemporary Provence - superior quality, pure and clean design, always in harmony with nature: the intense blue skies under the Mistral and the optic white of the coast-line in the intense light of the sun, the turquoise blue waters and the fresh green of nature after a storm...contrasts that Compagnie de Provence captures and transcribes into the making of its products, affirming its original style.